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Septic System Testing and Design

Septic System Testing and Installation

Septic System Testing and Design Procedures Brochure

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 Septic system perc testingSeptic system perc testing







Alternate Systems:

If the above testing does not yield a standard system to be designed then testing for an alternate system can be performed.  Usually, this would require that soil probes be reopened in the presents of a soil scientist.  Systems, such as “drip”, “drip micro-mound”, or “A/B systems, require that a soil morphology report be completed by a soil scientist before the system can be designed.  An alternate system that is prescribed by the “PA Alternate Guidance” can then be designed.  Some alternate systems can be designed with limiting zones as shallow as 10”.  An alternate system, such as “drip dispersal”, can be designed to replace a sand mound, which is more pleasing to the eye.